Top 20 French Bistro Dishes

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Bistro vs brasserie. Brasseries are Alsatian in origin. The word itself is French for “brewery,” and the original brasseries were either attached to beer-making facilities. Brasseries are by definition larger in size than bistros and louder. Their menus are essentially seafood based items such as oysters, seafood platters, bisques, and choucroute — and of course beer. 

Parisian slang for “little wineshop or restaurant, a bistro is a casual eating establishment known for serving affordable food, hearty, simple fare along with local wine. Classic to the bistro menu are pâtés, terrines, pig feet, sweetbreads, steak frites, roasted chicken, boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, cassoulet, pot au feu, hachis Parmentier, ratatouille, lentils etc.. 

Bistros originated in France and the United States has adapted the idea. An American bistro is likely to have not only French food, but basic filling foods inspired from other cuisines. Bistronomy is a contraction of ‘’bistro’’ and ‘’gastronomy’’ combines bistro dishes cooked with haute cuisine methods.

Due to the high demand in this matters, I decided to create a bistro dishes course. This series is designed for both, professionals and home cooks. You will learn how to make the top 20 French bistro dishes.

Course’s dishes will be posted soon.

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