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“The Opera Cake Made Me Fall in Love with My Husband!”

You read that right! The Opera Cake has actually made people fall in love and stay married for life. That’s how delicious it is. But will you be able to make it the right way? Because, there are a lot of YouTubers out there that are trying to make the opera cake… and they’re doing a good job… however, “good” won’t make people fall in love with you.

To get someone to fall head-over-heels for you, you will need to know what are the special ingredients and the secret techniques that only some of the French Pastry chefs know. And who better to teach you than a French Chef who has worked for one of the most prestigious restaurants in the heart of Paris.

I, chef Bruno Albouze, have worked at Lenôtre Pavilion Elysée in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Paris, and the Opera Cake was what everyone, from celebrities to heads of state wanted to try. And it was MY Opera Cake.

Some of my friends that tried it asked me to teach them how to make it and offered to pay me 100euros for the course. That’s about $120, but I couldn’t take their money. I taught them everything I know. I showed them every tip, trick and secret technique I had, and we spend about 2 days, making the cake. When he finally got home and made it for his wife… well… I don’t need to tell you how she thanked him… wink, wink!

Now, if you want to get just as lucky, literally and figuratively, you can get the Opera Cake Masterclass, with all the tips, tricks and secret techniques I taught my friend…

And my first tutorial video about this cake, you guys were telling me how difficult it is to make this iconic gateau. So, what did your Chef Bruno do?

I simplified the recipe. I took out all of the technical terms. I kept the unforgettable taste and flavor. I made a step-by-step video, text and image recipe, so there’s no way you can fail… now!

So, if you want to learn how to make this cake from a professional Chef, then just click the button below and add the recipe to your cart. And believe me, none of your friends will ever know how to make or replicate this… unless they’re a pastry chef genius… or…. you tell them to get my course.

So what will you be getting inside this Opera Cake course?

  • You will get a complete, video-tutorial and the written recipe for making the Opera Cake.
  • You will get a simple, step-by-step tutorial on making the Opera cake… and you won’t feel overwhelmed trying to follow it. You will feel like I’m there in the kitchen with you, guiding you through the process myself.
  • You will learn a special trick for preventing your bottom sponge from disintegrating after you soak it in coffee syrup.
  • You will learn a special technique to layering the cake that will make sure you get the iconic 3-centimeter thick cake that only French chefs make
  • You will learn the sure-fire way I use to prevent the coffee buttercream from splitting.
  • You will get to see my secret weapon for making sure the top of my cake is glossy and perfectly even.
  • You will learn how I make the sponge cake on an upside-down baking tray… and make sure it doesn’t roll off the pan.
  • You will learn my secret trick that I have used to get an even coat of chocolate on the top of the Opera Cake
  • You will learn the secret to cutting those perfectly square slices. HINT: It has to do something with the knife…
  • And oh, so much more.

So, if you want to have a professionally trained chef guide you into making one of the French cakes that will make you feel like you’re on the Champs Elysees, then you have to get this one. But make sure you get it before the timer runs out. I can’t have this deal running forever, now can I?!

Learn all of those secrets, do it from the comfort of your own home.